My Publishing Journey: Producing an Audiobook Part III – Marketing…

By Judy Penz Sheluk


as a follow-up and correction to THIS POST

In Part I and II of Producing and Audiobook, I discussed the nuts and bolts of using ACX as an audiobook publisher, from an author’s point of view (Part I) and the narrators point of view (Part II).

In Part III, the final post in the series, I’m going to discuss marketing your ACX audiobook.

Now, before I get started, it’s important to note that ACX exclusive audiobooks are sold only on, iTunes, and Amazon. While that’s a wide distribution network, which might get wider with non-exclusive distribution if you’re willing to hustle, to the best of my knowledge, all libraries use OverDrive for their audiobook catalogue. What that means is that your ACX title will not be picked up any libraries. Since the files are encrypted by ACX, traditional reviewers who use MP3 technology also won’t review.

So, how do you get listeners?

As with every other form of marketing, you need to reach your target audience, and ideally, that audience will post a positive review. The more positive reviews, the better your odds of getting someone to pony up the money or one of their Audible credits for your book.

Now, the nice thing about ACX is that they will provide (on request) 25 free coupon codes for your (US and Canada) and 25 free coupon codes for (for UK users only).

But who do you send your codes to, beyond a handful of family or friends who might download your book anyway?

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