Victoria (Tori) Zigler – Author

I am in AWE of this lady!

My beautiful pictureHer name is Victoria, but prefers to be called Tori, she is both a poet and a writer of children’s fiction, she is also blind!

How does she type her own books, etc?

She has a screen reader that tells her what she wrote!

Born in the shadow of the black mountains in Wales, she now lives near the sea in the South-East of England with her husband, and a West Highland White Terrier named Keroberous.


Having battled with Glaucoma since birth, she now find myself completely blind, though tries not to let that stop her from doing what she loves, which involves a lot of reading, plenty of writing, and various crafts such as card making and knitting.

She also enjoys movies and music, plays the occasional role-playing game (such as Dungeons And Dragons) and finds history fascinating, especially Egyptian and Stone Age history.

She is also a passionate lover of animals and nature.

To date she has 10 published books, including 2 poetry books, 2 stand alone short stories (one of which is available for free from many retailers) and all but the final books of two series.

The poetry books are “Mr. Pumpkin-Head And Other Poems” which is a collection of some of her favourite own poems, and “My Friends Of Fur And Feather” which is a collection of poems about pets her family have owned.

Three other poetry books are scheduled for publication later this year, one of which is a collection aimed at children.

The stand alone short stories are “Bluebell The Fairy Guide” which is a story about a fairy who has to figure out how to lead a little blind girl safely out of the woods after the child becomes lost, and “Frank The Friendly Ogre” (a free book from Smashwords) is about an ogre who’s not like the other ogres so sets out in to the world to find a place to belong.

As for the series…

Toby’s Tales” is a series about a little boy named Toby who’s just learned he’ll never see again and is trying to adjust to sight loss. They’re designed to help people in his position feel they aren’t alone in their struggles and frustrations, while at the same time being useful tools to educate those close to people in Toby’s position (or those who know people with sight problems in general).

Tori wrote them based on her own experiences with sight loss, and seeing her brother’s frustrations when they were children.

The first four books are already published, with the fifth and final book scheduled for publication next month.

The Magical Chapters” is a trilogy about a young witch named Paige’s struggles to find acceptance for herself and her dragon friend, Daisy, in a world where witches are warty old women and dragons are vicious monsters.

The books follow Paige as she learns a few lessons about life and tries to come to terms with her own guilt over an accident that happened when she was three.

The first 2 books – “Witchlet” and “The Pineapple Loving Dragon” – are already published, with “A Magical Storm” planned for publication some time this year (the exact date isn’t set yet, but it will be this year for sure).

Tori also has several other books in various stages of planning and creation, so all being well she should have plenty of new books to offer you in the near future.

SO, the next time, BEFORE you say “I CAN’T do” this or that, THINK AGAIN!

Where to find Tori online


Smashwords author page



Facebook author page




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