The Random Thoughts of a Wandering Mind by M J Jones

Don’t put me in a Box

Schroedinger's Cat small

A poem about Schroedinger’s Cat by M J Jones

I won’t jump into the box today

to seek or hide or play.

My best friend Schroedinger was grabbed by the neck and then put away.

I haven’t seen him since.

Forgive my hazy account of this.

My memeories have gone amiss.

But I seem to remember something like this

Is he alive, or dead?”

Well I just go with the Professor’s view

Because his first name we never knew.

He was a character, that’s for sure.

So we will never forget him for ever more.

Cat Lover’s DO NOT PANIC, it’s only a hypothetical theorem in Quantum Physics!

To read more about Schroedinger’s Cat, click on the Cartoon Formula below to go to the site where it came from.


A Busy Day in the Office

Fullbright & Worthington sat down to their teas

After a full afternoon consulting their fees.

A bell rang clear but far away

T’was 5 of the clock and the end of the day

Good Lord!” Worthington and sprang to his feet.

Is that the time?” Resettling firmly in seat

What do you need time for?” Fullbright mildly asked

While carefully eyeing his engraved silver flask

A silence fell as they finished their tea

Followed by fortifying cigars and the finest Brandy.

After a while they fell into a snooze

Each under a copy of the Evening News

At 9 of the clock their Clerk stepped in

With a silver tray bearing Soda and Gin.

Time for the Club Sirs.” he backed away with a bow

I must change too if I am to be your Chauffeur for now.”

At the Club

Who is it we dine with Jacob, tonight?”

Jacob stopped his eyes from flickering out of sight.

The Permanent Secretary and the Accountant General

And others I believe, of which there are several”

Fullbright remained steady but checked his flask.

Worthington wished he was made out of brass.

It was not St James as he had supposed

But The Athenenium whose doors were always closed.

God Help Me” Worthington sighed in his breast.

But it was not God who heard but the Dragons’s Nest.

The Civil Servants Bad Dream by MJ Jones

If I could do nothing, I would do nothing.

But nothing is as simple as that.

And that isn’t as simple as nothing.

Nothing implies nothing.

But what does it mean?

Come out and show yourself to me.

Fail me and I have achieved it.

In The Bank

The following day flowed green and grey

And on each desk new instructions lay;

Dense with statute and alarmingly daunting

The ghosts of the unsaid forever haunting.

It pays not, my friend, to think for yourself.

There remains no codex for the files on the shelf.

Pandora’s box comes to mind

But the seal to the safe you will never find.

The Crown bears the Standard of the Unicorn and Lion

Whilst the Dragon shows his strength with steel and with iron.

Ode to a Fly

Stop buzzing around me

I’m far too big to eat

There’s a spider inviting you

To join his feast.


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