Trouble at the North Pole – by Chris Graham

T’was coming up to Christmas Day,

it was only some days away.

The elves were hammering tin

and making quite a din,

When suddenly a shout did erupt.



T’was Santa’s Wife who uttered thus,

she was making quite a fuss.

Every year, it was the same,

she acted like a Pantomime Dame.

I can’t hear myself think,

it’s almost made me turn to drink.”


But Mrs S,” the Foreman said.

We’ve got our orders from Big Red.

One hundred tin drums we’ve got to make.

We won’t take long, for goodness sake.”

His duty done, he turned away

Get back to work Elves, we ain’t got all day!”


Well – Mrs S didn’t stand for that,

she quickly donned her coat and hat.

I’m outta here!” she exclaimed

If Dinners burned, I won’t be blamed!”

You can feed yourselves,

you noisy Elves”


The Elves downed tools and went quite quiet,

remembering that last year, they had to diet.

Eating nothing for several days,

it gave them all a bad malaise.

No Food, No Work!” they spoke as one,

These tin drums will not get done!”


But Santa Clause” the Foreman sniffed

will not be pleased – he’ll be really miffed!”

Better that, than us eating air!”

again, one voiced, they did declare.

Please stay Mrs S” the Elves all pleaded,

Your tasty food, for us, is needed”


Instead of drums, we’ll make Teddy Bears.

All soft and cuddly, with downy hairs.

We promise there’ll be no more noise,

we’ll all be quiet Elven girls and boys.”

That being said, they dropped their tools

and sat back down upon their stools.


Mrs S could not complain,

peace and quiet once more did reign,

the elves were working hard and fast

making Teddy Bears that will last and last.

All the Bears were brown, not blue, or pink.

The kids will still be happy, don’t you think?



This story was  first published HERE

and is copyright protected Ⓒ2017  to Chris Graham

aka The Story Reading Ape

Any resemblance to actual living (or deceased) people is purely coincidental