Please read this privacy policy which explains how your personal data is collected and used.

Your data may be provided through this blog when you comment, or follow links to online places outside the blog.

This privacy policy will explain the use of any and all data collected through this blog or social media.

This policy pertains to this blog only – – including any of my social media platforms.

This policy does not carry over to any third party blogs/websites, even if I provide the links. (Please read the Third-Party Links Disclaimer below.)

Please read this privacy policy thoroughly and all the way to the end.

Should there be anything you disagree with, please exit this blog immediately.

Data Collected and Used

Interacting with this blog will lead to some of your personal data being collected and stored.

Data collected may include:

  • Name (full name or username)
  • Email address
  • Country location of users
  • Your IP address
  • User agent (operating system and web browser type & version)
  • A referring URL (how you came to find my blog)
  • Posts and pages you visit
  • An exit URL (the website you leave my blog on)
  • Search terms used to find the website or used on the website
  • Links clicked on this website
  • Your blog/website URL
  • Your WordPress ID (should you interact on this website while logged into WordPress)
  • Your social media ID (should you interact on this website through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.)

Ways your data is collected:

  • Commenting on any post or page on this blog (through your WordPress account or any social media account)
  • Akismet (an anti-spam program which is enabled to check for spam comments)
  • The contact form, if and when it is used (this will include your name, email address, website URL, how you found my blog, why you’re reaching out to me, and the content of your message)
  • Signing up to follow this blog (this will store your WordPress ID and/or email address. You will receive automatic emails from whenever a new post is released on this website. You are free to cancel these emails as well as unfollow the blog at any time.)
  • Analytical information from’s general stats (country location of user, search terms, posts/pages most viewed, etc.)
  • Cookies (more information on Cookies below)

How your data is used:

I do not share personal information with third-parties.

I do not store information collected from your visit to this blog for any use, other than to analyze content performance, obtained through the use of cookies provided by

Please note, you are free to turn off cookies at any time by modifying your Internet browser’s settings.

I will only use your data in:

  • Responding to ways you’ve communicated with me (through comments on this blog, or, emails sent directly to my email address.)

Your Safety & Rights

You have the right to know what personal data is collected and are free to reach out to me for the following:

  • Access – You may reach out to me and request to know which personal data I have collected from you. Please note: I may need additional information from you should you request this. Your personal information collected from this blog should be confidential between me, the owner of this site (WordPress), and yourself. I do not want to send this information to the wrong person.
  • Corrections – Please reach out to me if any of your information is incomplete or inaccurate so that I can correct it.
  • Deletion – You are free to reach out to me and request I delete your information should you feel there is no reason for me to have it anymore. In certain cases, you are able to delete the information yourself. For example, if you are subscribed to my blog, you can easily unsubscribe and your information will be automatically deleted. Please note: I am not able to delete any information collected automatically through WordPress. I believe WordPress is working on something to allow its users to delete such information from a person’s visit. When that comes into effect, I will update this privacy policy as such.
  • Protection of Minors – Parents and guardians are free to reach out if they feel their children under the age of 16 has had their personal data stored and do not want it to be. Please see below for more information.

Data Protection of Minors

This blog is free to be viewed by all ages including minors (children under the age of 16).

I do try to ensure that the content on this blog is safe for all ages, including children under the age of 16.

It is not my intent to collect personal data from minors.

If personal data is collected from minors, there should be consent from a parent or guardian.

Parents and guardians are free to contact me to request removal of this personal data.

Data Breach

A data breach is an unauthorized access to confidential information or personal data.

It compromises the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of that information.

This means your personal data may be in jeopardy through the fault of Internet glitches, hacking, viruses, etc.

Should this incident ever occur, I will reach out to you, via a blog post, within 48 hours of discovering the issue, with details on what you should do to protect your information and we’ll work together to ensure it does not happen again.

The Use of Cookies

This blog uses cookies by default. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer/web browser when visiting this website.

You are not obligated to consent to their use and are able to freely disable cookies from your Internet browser’s settings.

A cookies notification should pop up at the bottom of the screen when first accessing my blog.

Please note: this blog requires cookies to be enabled in order to function properly.

For more information about cookies and their usage, please click here.


This blog does not have a mailing list.

Entering Competitions & Giveaways

Any competitions or giveaways notified of on this blog will be subject to the Privacy Policies on the original blog(s)/website(s).

Donations & Payment

I do not request Donations & Payments for this blog, however, money may still be collected via:

  • WordAds – Advertisements on the blog (see below for more information)
  • I do not have, or use, Affiliate Links, however, other sites linked to via re-blogs or Linking Posts may do (See below for more information)

Freelance Work

I do not offer various freelance services through this blog.


This blog uses WordPress WordAds.

WordAds is an advertising optimization platform for WordPress sites.

WordAds automatically places advertisements on my blog and allows me to earn a small revenue from these advertisements based on visitors on my blog.

Please note: I am not responsible for any information collected by these advertisements should you click on any of the ads.

I am also not responsible for any information collected by the use of cookies (if additional cookies are used to create a more targeted advertising).

Affiliate Links Usage

This blog does not use affiliate links, however, original sites linked to within reblogs or linking posts, may use them.

In this case, it means that should you buy something through their links they will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps them keep their blog/website up and running.

Non-affiliated links that are used on my blog include:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Smashwords
  • iBooks/iTunes
  • Google Play
  • any other outlet notified to me by the book promoting author
  • links to other blogs/websites outside of mine

I am not responsible for any data collected through their affiliate links once you leave my blog.

Third-Party Links

Reblogged / linked to, or, original posts, may include links to third-party websites. By clicking on these links you may be allowing third-party websites to collect data about you.

I am not responsible for any third-party websites or information they collect from you.

You are responsible for reading their privacy policies once you leave my blog.

I only link to third-party blogs/websites that I have personally visited, found helpful, and have deemed safe to share. Click on these links at your own risk.

Contact Me for More Information

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions about this policy, you are free to contact me at any time.

You can go to the Contact Me page and use the email address provided.

Privacy Policy Change Log

This privacy policy has been in effect since May 2018.

It may be updated and changed at any time without notice.

A log will be kept here for any changes made and the dates those changes go into effect.

Thank you.

Chris Graham (aka, The Story Reading Ape)