Artie, The Time Traveling Chimp…

Artie, the Time Traveling Chimp, was walking with an obvious limp.

I asked, “What’s the matter?”, as he collapsed on a chair, with a clatter.

“I crashed my machine. You know the one I mean.

I was traveling through space, at an incredible pace.

Time didn’t exist, and was not even missed.

When, quick as a flash, I had a terrible crash.”

“Into what?” I asked, as he Alack’d and Alas’d.

“Myself.” he replied, as he deeply sighed.

“I’d been where I went, when time decidedly bent.

I came back on my route, at the same pace to boot.

To meet myself going out, and gave myself such a clout.

Our machines made one wreck, and we both said ‘Oh Heck’

We looked at myself in the eyes, and got a surprise.

No reflection was this, all seemed quite remiss.

We had a deep ponder, in puzzled wonder.

What could it all mean, betwixt and between.

Was time really finite, was it time to say goodnight

To adventures endless, to travelling boundless?

Then realisation dawned, as together we yawned.

We’d ignored Time, preferring speed. So Time muscled in and decreed”

‘Beware little mortals, and forgive my chortles

You both look a mess, no wonder I guess.

But Space and Time, go together sublime

We should never be parted, and never be bartered.

I hope your lesson is learned and your releases earned.

I’ll merge you together, so stop your blether.’

With that we became one, but Time wasn’t yet done.

‘To help you remember, from now ’til whenever.

I’ll give you a limp, my adventurous chimp.’

His story complete, Artie slumped in a heap.

His pondering snores rattled all the doors.

But I guess it’s Nature’s way, to help Artie stay

An adventurous young ape, always up for a jape.

This poem was  first published HERE

and is copyright protected Ⓒ2018  to Chris Graham

aka The Story Reading Ape

Any resemblance to actual living (or deceased) people is purely coincidental