My literature Hero is Terry Pratchett who, in one of his Science of Discworld books, postulated that Homo Sapiens Sapiens survived all the pitfalls that made other Homo Sapiens species become extinct, by being story telling apes.

If this is the case, then in order to be effective, for every story telling ape there had to be a story listening ape.

I am descended from them, except I read stories instead of listening to them; and author’s are the tellers of the stories I read.

I don’t so much read books as devour them, (sometimes re-devouring them several times), so I’ve set myself a long term task, to list all the books I’ve ever read on Goodreads – trouble is I’ve got the memory of a sieve and I must have read thousands of them!

After years of lugging books around with me when I travelled (pre-internet), or order them to be delivered to wherever I was (post internet), I got an eReader, which enables me to support my local library, as well as giving me access to practically every Kindle, EPUB & PDF format book ever published, via the internet.

Now all I have to do is spend the next several lifetimes reading them (I hope re-incarnation is true, although not having memories from previous lives might be a snag)

What is the purpose of my blog?

1.  To introduce YOU to new (to me) authors I’ve come across in my wanderings through books and the cyberforest.

2.  To provide a platform (battered old homemade soapbox) for authors to introduce themselves to you. (See my Contact Me Section for Guest Author article Guidelines)

3.  As an informal information service to authors, poets, or anyone else who is thinking of becoming a published person of that ilk.

4.  To promote FUN and an OASIS OF CALM and Font of useful Knowledge andTips for Indies (please do NOT feed my naughty chimps or they may follow you home) from the woes and stresses of the real world.

I hope you enjoy my blog and join my Troop of Followers🙂

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Chris Graham aka The Story Reading Ape


356 thoughts on “ABOUT TSRA

  1. As a relatively new blogger, with a penchant for books, books, and more books, I have a funny feeling there is much to interest me in your blog’s contents. I will follow and look forward to more exploring in the wealth of material here.

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  2. I will Chris ( check Weebly) but would like to keep going with Wp as well ( or move the blog to weebly-reluctantly) As soon as solutions appear problems raise their ugly heads! Thanks for helpful suggestion.

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  3. Dear Chris

    What a joy that you have such passion for books. So much so that you would like to be reincarnated to devour more books♡ ♡.

    We have been following each other’s blog for quite some time now. I want to thank you for that. As my blog grew I struggled to give as much in return as I was receiving. I am sorry for that.

    Due to this, I am moving my work to this newly created website:


    I am staying on WP without much content shared.

    I wish you all the very best♡ ♡.

    Love, Isabella

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  4. Lovely❤ It is not everyday that I come across a reader like you… I have met many people who read but your about me is so frank and fun to read. I'll keep coming back for more form you and the authors who you give spotlight to.

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  5. You have so many comments on your ‘about’ page, I couldn’t tell if you already have this reward Chris. Well done to you for being so pupular. For your untiring efforts in promoting Indie publishers like myself, I would love to nominate you for the ‘A Tour Through Blogland’ award.

    If you would rather opt out of receiving this award I’ll completely understand. It does involve a little extra work. Please let me know either way.

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  6. Well, Chris, I’m still trying to work my way round your amazing blog. I’ve seen your posts being reblogged several times and wondered what you were all about. I can see now that you are all (a lot) about self publishing, which I’m all ears about. I have two books on Amazon but need all the advice I can get about promoting them. I’m useless at it! I can see I’ve a lot to read here and I’ll look forward to more of your great posts. 🙂

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  7. Hi Chris (The Story Reading Ape…right?) ha! Love your blog and find that it is true what everyone says about you. I know from listening to Jo Robinson that she pretty much worships the ground you walk on! It seems that you are always helping the author out there in the confusing world of book publishing! I know from reading your posts that I understand more and more about what a blog really is! Thanks for being there and good luck in all of your endeavors! I have liked you on all of your other links too! Interesting story about the origin of species🙂 with The Story Reading Ape. Definitely a unique name and your blog indeed depicts your personality! Kudos for a great site!

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      • Well…thanks for asking! I didn’t realize that you did guest articles so I will move that up on the list! I just happen to have an audiobook in progress of “The Wolf’s Moon” and a short story ready for editing at Create Space (unless you do that too🙂 ) and yet another short story 3/4 done and the sequel to The Wolf’s Moon probably done about the middle of the year 2015 so definitely have a lot to talk about! Will look over the submission requirements and get that going for you. Also, if you like I would be happy to send you a free autographed copy of the real book for being so gracious to host my guest post! Just let me know the address and I will get that in the mail for you. Thanks so much! Love your blog and glad I found you!

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