My literature Hero is Terry Pratchett who, in one of his Science of Discworld books, postulated that Homo Sapiens Sapiens survived all the pitfalls that made other Homo Sapiens species become extinct, by being story telling apes.

If this is the case, then in order to be effective, for every story telling ape there had to be a story listening ape.

I am descended from them, except I read stories instead of listening to them; and author’s are the tellers of the stories I read.

I don’t so much read books as devour them, (sometimes re-devouring them several times), so I’ve set myself a long term task, to list all the books I’ve ever read on Goodreads – trouble is I’ve got the memory of a sieve and I must have read thousands of them!

After years of lugging books around with me when I travelled (pre-internet), or order them to be delivered to wherever I was (post internet), I got an eReader, which enables me to support my local library, as well as giving me access to practically every Kindle, EPUB & PDF format book ever published, via the internet.

Now all I have to do is spend the next several lifetimes reading them (I hope re-incarnation is true, although not having memories from previous lives might be a snag)

What is the purpose of my blog?

1.  To introduce YOU to new (to me) authors I’ve come across in my wanderings through books and the cyberforest.

2.  To provide a platform (battered old homemade soapbox) for authors to introduce themselves to you. (See my Contact Me Section for Guest Author article Guidelines)

3.  As an informal information service to authors, poets, or anyone else who is thinking of becoming a published person of that ilk.

4.  To promote FUN and an OASIS OF CALM and Font of useful Knowledge andTips for Indies (please do NOT feed my naughty chimps or they may follow you home) from the woes and stresses of the real world.

I hope you enjoy my blog and join my Troop of Followers 🙂

In order to maximise the promotion of featured authors and books I have joined several other organisations, please check them out, Like or Follow them, spread the word about them (AND THIS BLOG), or whatever you can do to support my efforts, THANK YOU 🙂

Chris Graham aka The Story Reading Ape


582 thoughts on “ABOUT TSRA

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  2. My grammar sucks but, I love reading!
    It hasn’t been easy lately to crack a smile let alone laugh. I’m glad I stumbled by your page. I’ve only read a few posts but they gave me a good little giggle. Believe me, that’s a big deal for me.

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  3. Hi Chris. Apologies, I didn’t know where else to leave this note so…THANK YOU! I just found your review of Miira. Thank you for the review and thank you for bringing the total up to 20. It means a lot to me. -huge hugs-

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