Send an Extra Card this Christmas

When all about are full of doubt

in these troubled times of ours.

Spare a thought for what was wrought

Before the Earth had flowers.

No Christmas cheer, not even beer

was anywhere to be found.

The world was hot, and believe it or not,

it wasn’t even round.

Years in millions, nay, even billions,

have passed since that forming time.

Yet somehow life grew from that strife

And pushed up through the slime.

So why complain, and talk of pain,

because you’ve spent some money.

Enjoy the food, and try to be good,

it’ll surely please your honey.

One more thing I ask, it’s only a small task.

Please spare a thought for others.

The young, the old, the meek, the bold.

No Fathers or Mothers, no sisters or brothers.

No family, no friends, no pet, and yet

they too deserve some joy.

So send them a card, it won’t be hard

Tis a small thing, but, Oh Boy.

The difference it might make, so for their sake

Select a nice card full of good cheer

Go to your den, pick up your pen,

write, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I could suggest more, but don’t want to bore,

(an invite would not go amiss)

To join you for dinner, would be a winner.

and give them a day of bliss.


This poem was  first published HERE

and is copyright protected Ⓒ2018  to Chris Graham

aka The Story Reading Ape

Any resemblance to actual living (or deceased) people is purely coincidental