The First Halloween – by, Chris Graham…

As long nights drew nigh
and fears grew high,
of things not yet seen,
that should never have been.

The Villagers met,
all feeling upset.
With one voice, they declared,
their fears fully bared.

Who will face
the demonic race
that haunt the living
with no forgiving.”

Where is the brave one
who will face them alone,
to challenge their power
and before them, not cower?”

Who will hold fast to the treasure
they seek in good measure?”
“Who has strong enough heart
to make them depart?”

Who will cast them,
before they cause mayhem,
back to their lairs?”
“It’s no good using prayers.”

Not I” boomed the Preacher.
“Nor I” proclaimed the Teacher.
“Not I” gulped the Dentist.
”N-n-nor I” stammered the Ventriloquist.

I will” answered the child
its voice soft and mild.
”YOU will?” scoffed the congregation,
full of indignation.

Then go, do the deed”
”But you’ll never succeed”
cried the voices of grownups,
some of whom got hiccups.

Thus, so it was, as foretold
by Sages of old.
The Demons will be defeated
and their evil depleted.

By a child, not yet a Teen,
who will take over Halloween.
And drive the demons all mad
by making it FUN Time – not bad.

This story was  first published HERE

and is copyright protected Ⓒ2017  to Chris Graham

aka The Story Reading Ape

Any resemblance to actual living (or deceased) people is purely coincidental