Why Writing In a Series Will Make You More Money As A Writer…

By Joanna Penn

Writing in a series helps you write faster, satisfy more readers and make more money as an author – whether you write fiction or non-fiction.

In this video and article, I’ll go into detail on why writing a series will make you more money as a writer.

I’ll go through:

  • Why our culture of ‘binge-watching‘ and binge reading means that readers welcome a series

  • How you can make more money per customer with a back-list

  • Why boxsets are incredible value for the customer and make you more money

  • Why it’s easier to market a series

  • How to brand a series with consistent covers

  • Optimizing a series with linking metadata

Continue reading and see the video HERE




4 thoughts on “Why Writing In a Series Will Make You More Money As A Writer…

  1. Good Advice! My six-book ‘Bailey Crane Mysteries’ series, most of which were inspired by true crimes, suffered from my terrible marketing attempts. They were my first books, and I brought them out one after another! What can I say? Dumb! Dumb! They’re basically good books that likely have too much ”passive’ and not enough ‘active’. At some point, I’ll over-haul them…
    Thanks for your good comments.
    Best wishes,
    Billy Ray

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