Are You Self-Publishing Audiobooks? Why You Should Be…

By Derek Haines  on Just Publishing Advice:

Audiobook sales are increasing steadily and point to a bright future.
It takes total concentration to read a book or an ebook. But with an audiobook, a listener can multitask.

This is the key attraction for so many younger readers in particular, as it allows for the consumption of a book while driving, commuting and playing a game on a smartphone, knitting or even while grinding out the hours at work.

The popularity of audiobooks is on the move and according to recent statistics, audiobooks are now a multi-billion dollar industry in the US alone.

In another report, it estimates that one in ten readers are now listening to audiobooks.

How to self-publish an audiobook


8 thoughts on “Are You Self-Publishing Audiobooks? Why You Should Be…

  1. Unfortunately, if you merely build it, they will not come. I’m reduced to pushing my audiobook for free on Spotify. Everyone is probably going, “Well Eric, your audio book probably sucks” Click my to wordpress site and see/listen for yourself.

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  2. This post isn’t accurate — ACX is allowing Canadian authors now, and has been since mid 2017. Both my books are available on audiobook through Audible, iTunes and Amazon. The Hanged Man’s Noose and Skeletons in the Attic. ACX is super easy to navigate and I have a different narrator for each book (different series).

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  3. My son loves audio books, but I have only just progressed to getting mine out in paperback. He suggested I could give his girlfriend one of my paperbacks and then she could tell him what it was about! He never did like reading at school, but self publishing audio sounds like a dream However I am going off to read how it might be done, thanks.

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