How to Find a Literary Agent for Your Book…

by Jane Friedman

In today’s market, probably 80 percent of books published by New York houses get sold by literary agents. Agents are experts in the publishing industry and represent the interests of their author-clients. They have inside contacts with specific publishers and know which editors are most likely to buy a particular work. Perhaps most important, agents can secure the best possible book deal for you, negotiate a fair contract, protect your rights, ensure you are paid accurately and fairly, and run interference when necessary between you and the publisher.

The best agents are career-long advisers and managers.

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6 thoughts on “How to Find a Literary Agent for Your Book…

  1. This, by far, is one of the most comprehensive articles of its kind I’ve ever had the pleasure of stumbling across! I haven’t had the chance to follow all of your links yet…but I’m hoping there’s one that will help me write the dreaded (cue scary music) elevator pitch. Thank you so much!

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