5 Essentials For Landing A Great Literary Agent…

By Lisa Brown  on Just Publishing Advice site:

Once you are through with your manuscript the first problem to think about is how to get it to your publishers.

A high percentage of books published by New York houses are those sold by Literary Agents.

Though it may not be easy to score agent representation, it is possible.

In some instances, you may get multiple offers, and it leads to the stress of choosing the best one for you.

It like when you are looking for the best APA literature review, and you find numerous services, how do you know which one to pick especially with limited time and money to spend?

To help you overcome this dilemma, we will outline to you the essentials of a good literary agent. It may seem simple, but in reality, it is a tight position to be in.

Essentials of A Good Literary Agent

In today’s market, it is rare for publishers to read work that has no representation. A good agent will use their connection and experience to match you with the ideal publishing house.

It is especially handy for first-time writers who may have no idea how to manoeuvre the literary world.

The below tips will help you land your dream Literary Agent:

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