Whatever happened to Dani J.Caile?

‘Who?’ you may ask. Exactly. Back in 2014 I had the fortune to have an article here on Chris’ Blog, just before my first novel published by a small U.S. publishing house came out. I didn’t even have the final cover at that time.

It came out in 2015, and when it came out, I thought I’d made it! Finally I was published… for real! And a great cover for a great little adventure. Okay, so it took almost a year to come out, but hey, it was out! I began working on the sequel right away and sent it to the publishers some months later. Sales were okay, my first ‘real’ published book wasn’t flying off the shelf but if the publishing house had some in stock, they sold. But we’re still only talking three figure sales, at best.

I handed in the sequel… and it took quite a while to come out. In the meantime, I published some novellas and placed short stories in anthologies with other authors to keep my hand in as I waited for the second novel to be published. In 2018, it finally came out, after much editing and cover complications, three years after the first. Here are the covers of those two novels.

Not much happened after that. You see, if an author wants to keep their readership, if they had one to begin with, then they must bring out books on a regular basis. I’m not blaming anyone, it was just ‘one of those things’. When I first started on this ‘writing adventure’, I wrote four novels in three years, still slow, but I put all the free time I had into them, as I did with the next two ‘How to’ books. I didn’t have much of a readership for those first self-published books, either, but some readers kept coming back for the next one.

So did I stop writing? No. You see, the anthologies I’d written short stories for were selling. Okay, not in any large number, but at least one a week from half a dozen different anthologies, and sometimes two or three a week. I wasn’t getting any royalty from these, but I was getting ‘exposure’, and it showed in my free downloads on Smashwords, where I once got up to 1000 downloads a month for a little while.

But even that began to lessen as time went on. I wrote a little more, made more free downloads available, though nothing stopped the decrease in interest.

I kept writing short stories, nothing more, though an idea for a new series of books grew, and I was finally given a little inspiration from my next muse, a student of mine by the name of Karina Reif. I gave the main character her name and within a few weeks, I had the first part of a three-part series ready.

After some attempts at trying to get this new book published in this time of COVID-19, I found out it was better if I self-published, to keep complete control. It wouldn’t ever sell like as it could have from a ‘real’ publisher, but at least I could do what I wished with it.

So, with almost a decade of writing behind me, and a ton of experience on the written page, I am back at square one, self-publishing my ‘first’ novel, looking for reviews, interviews and ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

‘What can I get from all this?’ you may ask. Well, ask yourself why are you writing? What makes you write? What do you ‘get out of’ writing? Only when you’ve been completely honest with yourself can you learn from the experience. I’ve learnt that I like to write, but I’ve also learnt that I like my work to be read, so…

On August the 31st, September the 1st and 2nd 2020,Gubacsi Duluthe first book of my new ‘HumanityH20’ science fiction series will be FREE to download from Amazon, hoping for interest, reviews and happy and content readers.

2357 AD. Officer Karina Reif wants to start afresh.
Or does she?

A ‘John Doe’ appears in the depths of her jurisdiction, an AxiCorp water extraction installation on Gubacsi Dulu, thousands of light years from Earth, and breaks apart the fragile façade of her life. What will she do with the secrets she finds?


See all his books at:





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