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Dani J CaileHi, I’m a Brit living in Hungary. I moved out to this great country many years ago and can’t see myself living anywhere else. My passion is books: reading, writing, editing, analysing, proofreading. You name it, I do it. While studying for a Philology degree a few years ago, I found myself writing fiction in parallel with essays and reports, perhaps to balance out ‘academia’. By the time I handed in my thesis, “Dan Brown, Modern Hack or Modern Genius” I’d written 3 books. Other than teaching English and dealing with the everyday life of a young family, my life is about the written word. I’ve even produced a few Shakespearean plays for the kids in school.

I’d played around with the idea of writing for most of my life but it only came to fruit back in 2011 when I completed the 50,000 words in one month NaNoWriMo ‘challenge’. A few people read it on, it soared up the ratings, and so I self-published it and put it on Amazon. I haven’t stopped since. After three years of self-publishing and ‘rave’ reviews, my 5th book ‘How to build a castle in 7 easy steps’ will be published by Three Fates Press in 2015 or earlier. It’s a step up from self-publishing and I hope to learn a lot from it. I am at this moment working on my 6th book but also heavily involved in writing Flash Fiction, namely in the form of The Iron Writer Challenge where four elements are given to write a 500 word story. Writing within constraints and a time limit certainly hones the skills.

My books can be found on Amazon and there are some free books on Smashwords.


Man by a tree

Take a devilish romp through a world of death, where souls pay for experiences, monkeys are the hosts, and God is the service provider.

Reginald has been in control for millenia. With His staff of hundreds, and millions of souls passing through to experience the delights of physicality, his reign has become complacent. His servants, Satan and Lucifer, jump at the chance to take what they see as rightfully theirs.

The Grim Reaper, or Graham Reader as he calls himself, has been doing his job of transporting souls ever since he can remember, to gain his wings. But he has become tainted by the actions of the monkeys living on the planet. Unbeknown to him, a plan is afoot to change the status quo of ‘up above’ and ‘down below’, where he is a lynchpin to both interested parties.

The Bethlehem Fiasco

The Jesus story – with hobgoblins.

With only one sane man in the desert, can the answers he seeks be found? Or will it be the death of him?

In a time when hobgoblins and angels run amok, can the universe survive the petty struggles of the powers that be?

Based on as yet unreleased papyrus scriptures found in a 2nd floor bedsit in Lewisham, England, this is the ‘true’ story of one man.

“Irreverent, quirky and fun” Fredrik Nath (The Cyclist)

“…a light and breezy read…” Iso Nuys (Paid on Return)

“I loved it!” Dave Tarragon (The Chemo Diaries)


The Rage of Atlantis

Bombs, angels, dolphins, hobgoblins, crazy monkeys, Reginald in a rage, Satan on the toilet…all mixed with absurdly serious issues.
Will a selfish plan for immortality destroy the human race? Or will there be light ‘beyond’ the end of the tunnel?
High Chief of Security Sipho, with his female dolphin sidekick Kang Dee, investigates the latest in a long line of terrorist attacks by the ‘unseen’ against Atlantis, the utopian gem of the physical universe, and finds more than he could have ever imagined.


“I haven’t come across anything quite like this…” Debbie Roxburgh (Speedy McCready)

With your wily work [Dani], I tend to focus on what’s in parentheses. (I also think you are very misunderstood…and possibly always have been.)” Eponymous Rox (B.O.T.)

Reginald sends Graham Reader (aka the Grim Reaper), out on a mission to find Code 237-Manna-X, the Manna Machine after the Overlords warn him of an imminent (3000 year old) threat against the security of both the physical and non-physical realms.

Will Graham find the fantastic yet deadly device before anyone or anything else does?


Free on Smashwords…



Guido’s dead, but he hasn’t lived yet. Will he get a second chance? Or will Satan have his evil way?

Dull Guido has kept himself out of trouble (and life) for 34 years 5 months and 14 days, only to die on the night before he finally has his first big adventure, a world cruise. Graham Reader, the Grim Reaper, tries to help him navigate the world ‘up above’, only for Guido to find out that there are worse things than death.

Dani’s Shorts

‘Dani’s Shorts’ is a collection of 500 word short stories based on the elements given in the Iron Writer Challenge. These 28 short stories show a range of Dani’s favourite writing styles, including pair dialogues, internal thoughts and sardonic parodies.
If you are ‘up to the Challenge’, then go to…
“I hope you find the stories creative, serious, humorous, filled with pointless nonsense and poignant emotions. I hope you get angry, I hope you laugh, I hope you cry. I hope you share this work with everyone you know. Isn’t that what good writing is for?”
B Y Rogers (The Iron Writer Challenge)


Dani’s Shorts 2

Yes, it’s Volume 2 of TIW shorts! Yet another collection of totally pointless exactly 500 and exactly 200 word nonsense to entertain you while doing whatever you do when reading.

Here are my own personal takes on the second 6 months of the Iron Writer Challenge, including Challenges, Weekend Quickies, Grudge Matches and Solstice Opens – plus an excerpt of ‘How to’ killing Brian (Cannibalising Brian) and a slice from the first ever Relays. I hope you enjoy these short snippets just as much as you enjoyed Volume 1.

Thanks again to Brian and all the other Iron Writers for making The Iron Writers phenomenon the success that it already is.

Coming soon….

 DS3  Htbaci7es

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