Create Blog-Book Synergy to Reduce Content Creation Stress – by Jay Artale…

on How to Blog a Book:

Many aspiring authors worry about starting a blog.

They fear they won’t have the time to produce a book manuscript while trying to produce consistent blog content.

However, the blog-a-book and book-a-blog strategies provide an efficient way to write and publish books—and keep up with blog content schedules.

Today, digital nomad and full-time writer and blogger Jay Artale explains how she has used her blog content in books, her book content on blogs, and created work flows that allow her to write books without blogger’s overwhlem.

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  1. It’s an interesting blog
    To an extent I’ve done something similar, in that I created the Tallis Steelyard blog to help promote my fantasy writing, and the stories on the blog have been collected to become books set in the same fantasy world.

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