Insights into Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear

Author Kevin Cooper

Miedo’s fears develop from a traumatic change in his
environment. It is a prime example of how the environment can have a profound
effect on a child’s personality and whole being. A child’s personality can be
disrupted by changes as fundamental as a simple cause & effect relationship
to dysfunctional additive relationships.

In Miedo’s case, he metamorphosed into a different person.
He transforms from being a happy, contented child whose whole world is
entranced by the wonders of nature and all its glory, and the healthy
relationships he has with his grandparents, dad, and two sisters to become a
child filled with fears of the unknown in a cold, natureless home with
dysfunctional relationships.

Miedo’s fears are brought about by the change in his
environment, and changes in his family situation. Having a hearing loss, and
not being able to speak properly only add to his problems. He gets beaten…

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