How to Remember Your Ideas When You’re Falling Asleep—or Waking Up!

Nicholas C. Rossis

I always sleep with a notebook next to me. Most of my stories stem from my dreams, and I’ve learned how to keep notes during the night without waking up the missus. This has also helped me with remembering my dreams the next morning when I write them down in more detail.

So, I was intrigued by this idea for a guest post, courtesy of Adam Kyle, a sleep expert at A workaholic by nature, it wasn’t until his late twenties that Adam realized the importance of sleep for his health. At that point, he focused on learning everything he could about sleep. Now, Adam specializes in how his environment and his physical well-being affect his sleep. A San Francisco native, he finds the sounds of the city soothing and struggles to get to sleep in quieter environments.

I hope you find it useful and it will help with your…

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4 thoughts on “How to Remember Your Ideas When You’re Falling Asleep—or Waking Up!

  1. This wouldn’t help with the “not waking the missus” part of things, but if you’re sleeping alone and have gotten to a good body/mind relaxations stage, rousing oneself even to the point of scrawling a quick note can screw you up.

    However… if you have a Google Home (and I’m guessing Alexa etc) gadget, you can avoid even blinking an eye open. Just call out “Hey (whovever)! Take a note that I just realized that birds actually fly!” and then you can fall the rest of the way to your peaceful sleep. And then puzzle like hell the next day just WHAT it was about birds flying that seemed so godawfully important and creative in your half-asleep state the night before!

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