Gifting eBooks on Amazon

Nicholas C. Rossis

Kindle | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Image: Pixabay

I have posted in the past on how to run giveaways for your books. Forbes recently posted an article titled, Amazon’s New ‘Buy For Others’ Kindle Feature Lets Authors Buy Giftable Ebooks.

According to the article, Amazon now has a new Kindle feature: Termed “buy for others,” the feature lets users buy multiple copies of an ebook, allowing authors to purchase review copies for their fans.

The update, detailed in a page on KDP’s Help Topics, is explicitly aimed at authors who need to gift their books to others. Authors might need to throw social media giveaways, offer freebies at in-person events, or give newsletter subscribers a review copy. It’s a useful feature, given that marketing is an essential element for indie self-publishers.

A Gift Horse

So how does this change things?

Turns out, it does and it doesn’t. What changed is that gifting ebooks is once again easy. After…

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5 thoughts on “Gifting eBooks on Amazon

  1. While options are often welcome, I would prefer an option to Amazon! Being in Southern France, I cannot run to Shakespeare and Company each time I want a book. My literary appetite is rather large. The border to Spain is only an hour away but that doesn’t help me either… What is needed is a collective of artists, authors, perhaps editors and publishers, musicians and the like to get their work out there and by-pass Amazon. I’m sure some of the independent book shops would climb on board and perhaps others?

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      • No kindle for me. I’m the old paperback girl. I’ve never seen a book in English at Carrefour but to be honest it isn’t a store I frequent. Fortunately, there is a Brit book exchange in Lezignan (30km) once a month. Many of the books are romance or heavy on the violence but last month there were two by Tracy Chevalier which is a step in the right direction. Also a few by Andre Camilleri. 🙂

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