An Unfortunate Change in Plans

Announcement from Charles E Yallowitz, one of the most prolific and truly talented, author/bloggers I know.

Legends of Windemere

So, this is a sticky because I want to make sure people see this.  Everything else is still below and I’m writing this with a heavy heart.

Due to financial issues and personal developments, this looks like it’s my last year of publishing.  I have to put my time and energy into something that brings in money with the hope that I can return.  Maybe I can release a book or two throughout the year, but I can’t guarantee it.  At best, I can do War of Nytefall: Lost in September and pray that I can get War of Nytefall: Rivalry out in December.  After that, I can’t make any promises.

My blogging is scheduled until end of October and I might not add much onto it.  I’ll do a Saturday update, try to keep up with a few friends, and make a post or two throughout the week once…

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8 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Change in Plans

  1. I totally understand this. I too, have drawn back from publishing new books because I have no more money to draw out of my retirement. And, I have not yet begun to break even on the cost of the five books I’ve published. So, I get it. I wish Charles all the best.

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  2. Any way to help him out of his pinch? For example, helping him pay for his blog site through donations each year? A writer HAS to write…whether he or she makes money at it doesn’t matter. At least a blog is an outlet.

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