A fact we need to take seriously

See what YOU can do to help address the situation – read the following article at:

Flower habitat for Bumblebees to Survive! [with Infographic]

Phoenix Rainez

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10 thoughts on “A fact we need to take seriously

  1. I’m always looking out for bumble bees in need. They say if you see one on the ground they usually need help, sugar water or to be put on a flower. I gave sugar water to a few last year, such a lovely feeling to see them drinking it up & getting stronger, then flying off. Love to our Bees ❤️


  2. We have an issue with the blueberries killing bees here. They aren’t sure if it’s bacterial or what, but the beekeepers don’t want to take a chance, they’re refusing to allow their bees to pollinate the commercial producers until it gets sorted out.

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  3. Sadly too many people don’t realize what an important role these little creatures play in the balance of sustaining the food chain. I used to live in Essex and was fascinated by the little black bees that visited my flower packed garden. I moved in February to Suffolk and now have a much neglected garden so not much to entice the bees in at present other than a rampant patch of borage.and wild primroses and violets growing in the lawn.

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  4. This is quite serious –
    Consider not using commercial lawn companies that spray all stuff on your lawn that kills all sorts of creatures as well as weed. (Even organic Neem Oil must be used cautiously as it can harm bees)
    Can’t we live with less than picture perfect lawns to keep nature in balance? – for our own survival
    Who doesn’t love flowers? Bees will be happy to see them.

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