WordPress Reblog Button disappearance – cause and update…

From the blog of Sally G Cronin:

I know that whilst I was away that the reblog button has disappeared from out blogs which is a real pain..

I checked the forums and this was a response from one of the Happiness Engineers I assume.

kokkieh on “Reblog button has disappeared from blogs”
21 February 2018 10:41

“Hi all. Just an update. It appears this happened because we removed some deprecated code, i.e. code for a feature that no longer exists, but it seems the reblog button was also using some of that code.

Adding back the deprecated code is not an option, so our developers are working on replacing it with updated code that will allow the button to work again. We’re already testing potential fixes, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer.”

In the meantime you can share blogs who have the Press This button.. you can cut and paste the start of the blog which is useful and schedule or publish immediately.

Hopefully the Reblog button will be back soon..



19 thoughts on “WordPress Reblog Button disappearance – cause and update…

      • If I can even see it, I will try that. Thanks. The problem is I can’t find it in the first place. Apparently there is still a “press this” option, which I suspect is similar, but I’d need to try it to find out. I may have tried it before but can’t recall if it worked.

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          • Ah, OK. I guess I’m not sure how to tell if it is a reblogged post unless the blogger lets it be known. And now I’m replying from the dashboard thing where I get notifications, so I can’t see the blog entry about which I’m commenting… Anyway, thanks for helping! These are things for me to keep in mind when I do get out and read.

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