Promote Your Book with Online Groups…

By Stephanie Chandler  on

NonFiction Authors Association:

One under-utilized opportunity for authors is online groups—I’m talking about Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and other online forums. Online groups are mini communities where you can connect with your target readers long before your book is published.

Using an example from my own life, I happen to be a widow and I naturally gravitated to online groups early on to help me connect with others in my shoes. I’ve been an active member in several groups for years.

Now consider this: Someday I will finish writing a book for this audience. When I reach out to my fellow members and the group leaders to let them know about my book, what do you think will happen? I expect major support!

This same strategy can be true for all kinds of groups. Here are some possibilities:

  • Writing a memoir that covers your struggles with diabetes? Get involved in groups for people with diabetes.

  • Writing a book about how to cultivate a happier workplace? Join groups for managers, entrepreneurs and HR employees.

  • Writing a book about raising healthy kids? Find groups for moms, parents, single parents, divorced parents, etc.

See how this works? Once you’re clear about who your target audience is, you can then start looking for their communities online and get involved.

How to Engage with Groups


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