What is an Epilogue — and How To Write One Readers Won’t Forget…

Extract from an article on Reedsy Blog:

The epilogue comes after the story has ended and acts as a finishing touch. It’s one of those literary devices whose necessity is often debated — along with its predecessor, the prologue. If you write a strong ending to a story, should there really be anything left to say?

Well, like a good digestive, an epilogue can serve as a satisfying close to a story — one that gives you a moment to reflect on everything you just consumed. It shouldn’t replace dessert the ending of the novel, but merely provide a grace note for the story to close on.

To help you decide if your story needs an epilogue and, if so, how to write a strong one, we’ve asked our editors to give us their top epilogue advice. But first, let’s make sure we’re all clear on what an epilogue really is…


What is an epilogue?
When to use an epilogue
How to write an epilogue: tips from our editors
Infographic: Checklist for writing a strong epilogue

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