How To: Access the (BETTER) OLD WordPress Admin (and Media)…

Following on from the previous two media storage (and money) saving tips – I forgot to mention that it’s better to use the OLD admin media – NOT the NEW admin media.

Here are the first three steps to get into it:

I’ve given an explanation on top of each image below – hope it helps.

When you see your media, ensure you select the hatch Dixon as marked.

Then select the image you want to resize:

On the right you will see the dimensions and file size (weight)

Press the Edit Image button indicated

Now double click inside either box and type in the new size you want.

Then, either, use the little arrow (top right) to go to the next image, or, click on the x (top right) which will take you back to Step 4.

At any time, you can click the x to finish – the image will automatically save as resized.

To check, click on the same image and see the result in Step 5 (top right)


37 thoughts on “How To: Access the (BETTER) OLD WordPress Admin (and Media)…

  1. Ooh! You’ve given our photo montages Christmas Media upgrades!
    I really don’t understand why WordPress goes on about it’s new simpler editing system. The old one is perfect and has all the bells and whistles I need close at hand. That’s called a good Human-Computer Interface. Unlike the new version where you can’t find A THING.

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  2. I don’t understand why WordPress keep making fundamental changes to their interface, other than that they’re driving to make the system more ‘mobile friendly’. But the older system actually works better than the new one and there’s at least one feature (adding a click-through URL to pictures) that I’ve never been able to find in the new interface. I hope they don’t retire it.

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