Blogger Tip 02 – How to Reduce the Number of Images Required in Your WordPress Media and SAVE STORAGE SPACE…


If you use more than one image in your posts, then use WordPress Publicize to automatically upload your post to Twitter, Facebook, etc, or, manually upload them, the image last inserted into your post, is the one that will be displayed on your media.

To avoid the wrong image being displayed, either:

Insert it LAST


Select it as your ‘Featured Image’

Authors especially would probably prefer their Book Cover being displayed, rather than some other, random, image.


If you opt for using a Featured image, or, have the same image appear more than once in your post (as I’ve done on this post):

You DO NOT NEED to upload the same image for each separate appearance!

Select the same image to be inserted wherever you want it to be shown in the post.

This will save taking up unnecessary space in your media storage.


If you post the same image(s) on several different posts, search for it in your media storage (using it as an images archive), select it and add it.

You DO NOT NEED to upload the same image for each separate post!


  1. Thank you, Chris, I must have missed this one but really helpful as it has happened on more one occasion for me and I didn’t know how to correct it..Now I do! Thankyou 🙂

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  2. Reading through your older comments, I hope they do not remove the WP Admin, I access the old version of the dashboard this way, I never upgraded it as I heard it was not as good as the old.. And I am quite happy with the way things are.. Why change things which work? I had better get cracking with my resizing of photos then.. 🙂 Many thanks Chris, you are a star. 🙂

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