Facebook Tests Split News Feed

This explains why posts, automatically uploaded from my blog, can be seen only by me, (look for the tiny black padlock above your posts), when, in fact. my settings are for them to be seen PUBLICALLY (look for the tiny globe of the world above your posts).
Since early November I now have to go onto FB and manually change the padlock to a Globe, in order for them to be seen by everyone…SIGH

Nicholas C. Rossis

Facebook book marketing | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Photo by http://offers.hubspot.com/science-of-facebook-marketing

As many of you have realized, Facebook has been making it progressively harder to share non-paid content. Usually, only a tiny percentage of your friends and followers (around 2 to 5%) sees whatever it is you’re posting–unless you pay a small fee to have it appear on people’s timelines. Now, Facebook is considering splitting its News Feed in two, as The Independent reports.

The company has confirmed that it is trying out the idea of dividing the site in order to separate commercial posts and pages from personal news.

Normally, Facebook’s News Feed wraps up a host of information from different sources, putting posts from pages with millions of followers alongside those from people’s friends and relatives. Under the test, these will now be split apart, meaning that pages will be put into a separate feed that people will have to actively click through

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32 thoughts on “Facebook Tests Split News Feed

  1. Well, raping the public is not good business practice. When net neutrality is gone, businesses will monitor what we see and don’t see. I am an adult and kids are smarter than ever, I can chose what I see or not see. Aren’t these companies rich enough? Are we turning into Russia? In America, I hope this will not stand for long, but so many people are just waiting for others to stand up and that never works out. Everyone must take a stand or our way of life with drastically change and not for the better either.

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      • Yes, Chris, our votes and our voices in protest against being monitored by Facebook, who is now being told what to do by the US Congress and being monitored by our government, but guns that are automatic weapons that kill children are okay, here, in our far less humane society since Trump took office. Thank you, Chris for all your great posts on so many important subjects that make a difference. Karen 🙂

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      • Perhaps not me alone, but numbers count and each one is added to the other – so, they will care about me! We have to start somewhere. Facebook is forced to do this by Trump who wants to be a Dictator – well, that is not going to happen. So what about you?

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        • I’ve never taken Facebook seriously. “They” said I had to be on Facebook if I wanted to sell books, so I opened an account. That was five years ago, and I doubt I’ve sold one book through them. I never look at my newsfeed because I don’t really care what other people are saying or doing. I post something (in an effort to sell a book or two) maybe three times a month. I can live without fb, can you? You delete your account and I’ll do the same. That’s taking a stand.

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          • Hi Andrew, I only use Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends and I new forward my posts and they are usually just interesting and sometimes historical. I never assumed they were responsible for helping me sell my books. That is my job through marketing and it takes time. Karen 🙂

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          • I don’t know who “They” are that told you to be on Facebook, but they were wrong. About “raping the public,” I was referring to congress and corporations, Facebook is free. I really don’t go on Facebook very often unless it is to comment or do a message to friends and family. Karen 🙂

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