15 Famous Authors Who Were Published After 40…

Extract from Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity:

The drive to be successful while still in the first blush of youth may be appropriate for dancers, athletes, and models, but it does not apply to the contemplative arts. Writers who publish in their 20s may be jumping the gun, with too little life experience to back them up for the long haul.

This is not to say that writers in their 20s can’t have talent. They obviously do. But creating a novel demands not just talent, but discipline, and a certain amount of – how shall I put it – cynicism.

So, dear younger writers, and dear older ones, take heart if you haven’t published your novel and are now gazing at the looming age of 40 with dread, or looking back on it with nostalgia. Here is a list of fifteen famous authors who were published after the age of 40.

(Just for the record, while I can’t claim fame, my first novel was published by Random House when I was 50.)

See the list and details HERE


14 thoughts on “15 Famous Authors Who Were Published After 40…

  1. Mary O’Hara, one of my most beloved authors, she did write the wonderful novel “My Friend Flicka”, has been even in her Sixties when she finally became famous. 😉 So elderly writers should never give up hopes and dreams…

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