Kindle Create: Amazon KDP’s New (Free) App to Convert from Word to Kindle


Curtains from ShutterStock. Kindle Formatting Magic cover designed by Melissa Stevens.


Amazon KDP launched a new free app called Kindle Create, which provides a simplified conversion process to format a Kindle e-book from Microsoft Word.

You can check it out here: Available for both Windows and Mac.

It’s not foolproof. And it won’t do everything that you can dream of. But if you’re looking for a simplified conversion process, and if your formatting isn’t too complex, this tool may be worth exploring.

If you visit the Kindle Create webpage, be sure to click the link called, “So how does it work?” You can find some important information there.

Although Amazon KDP has other free e-book creation apps (the Kids’ Kindle Book Creator, the Kindle Textbook Creator, and the Kindle Comic Creator), this new app (Kindle Create) is the first that would be appropriate…

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5 thoughts on “Kindle Create: Amazon KDP’s New (Free) App to Convert from Word to Kindle

  1. I have to say, the conversion process for my books, is not difficult. So, I would still be interested in knowing more about these apps if for no other reason than to see how they work. Also, to see if they can be downloaded to a computer. Considering they are free and the Win Zip program I have to use have a cost and needs to be renewed every year.

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