Thriving Thursdays: Live on the Front Row – Guest Post…

Roller Coaster Ladies Front Row

“You can choose to live on the front row…  or the third row.”

I love this old photo and the vivid progression it shows. It really does speak a thousand words. The pair of women on the third row look like sisters. I can imagine they were arguing before they got on the roller coaster.  Move up to the second row and those ladies seem to be having a pretty darned good time.  But those two on the front row?  Have you ever seen such genuine fun painted on a couple of faces?

When you woke up this morning and dragged yourself out of bed, you bought the ticket (so to speak).  There will be ups and downs and hairpin turns.

Now the choice is up to you. Will you live on the front row — or on the third row? 

Wishing you a thriving Thursday,

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  1. Teagan, love this thriving front row message & back in the day photo! Reminds me of high school years in the 50s, class trips, and screaming fun roller coaster rides! Chuckling at the thrill of it! Made my Thursday! Thanks! 💛 Christine

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  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    The very talented author and motivational writer Teagan Riordain Geneviene… shared a story that featured characters from her book Atonement Tennessee… this morning on the blog.. And she is over with The Story Reading Ape with one of her inspiring posts for Thriving Thursday… Great to see you out and about Teagan.

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    • Woot! Well, you are surely thriving now, Hugh. ❤
      Sadly there are sometimes those who would block us from the front row. And some who would take away everything we've spent a lifetime earning (as I know from experience). But even without it, we have to find a way to thrive.
      Wishing you a thriving Thursday. Mega hugs right back. 🙂

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