Thriving Thursdays: Live on the Front Row – Guest Post…

Roller Coaster Ladies Front Row

“You can choose to live on the front row…  or the third row.”

I love this old photo and the vivid progression it shows. It really does speak a thousand words. The pair of women on the third row look like sisters. I can imagine they were arguing before they got on the roller coaster.  Move up to the second row and those ladies seem to be having a pretty darned good time.  But those two on the front row?  Have you ever seen such genuine fun painted on a couple of faces?

When you woke up this morning and dragged yourself out of bed, you bought the ticket (so to speak).  There will be ups and downs and hairpin turns.

Now the choice is up to you. Will you live on the front row — or on the third row? 

Wishing you a thriving Thursday,

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82 thoughts on “Thriving Thursdays: Live on the Front Row – Guest Post…

  1. Just thinking of you makes me smile, Teagan, you add such joy to any day. Loved this and it reminded me, again, that I should check out LinkedIn more often, I don;t know why I keep forgetting. Loved this, so kind of Chris to share with the world more Teagan! 🙂
    I’m a front row kind of gal too. 🙂
    Hope this weekend treats you all kindly. 🙂
    Mega front row fun hugs to all xox

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    • Thank you so much Donna. You always make me smile. Your “sleep” post today was marvelous!
      As for LinkedIn, that’s one more reason why I’m so happy Chris is sharing these posts. I worked hard for the past 3 years to develop things (network and posts) at LinkedIn, bought their premium service, everything. Just as I was getting somewhere they made changes and my posts stopped going anywhere… (Now they’re about to make more changes.) And all that work never got me an inch closer to getting a different job or relocating either… :/ In other words, I doubt you are missing anything by not going to their site.
      I have your seat saved on the front row! Thrive on! Mega hugs.

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      • I haven’t been a LinkedIn fan AT ALL for a long time, Teagan. It has turned out to be little beyond a bodacious source of e-glut. As I disclosed on at least one of my Monday-Grumpy-Monday posts, I get more email marketing spam from that site than anyone would believe. It seems that is THE place for pharming email addresses. And I, too, spent a great deal of time setting things up over there, and interacted in “communities” early and often. Bad idea, as it turns out.

        Technically, since we are “friends” (or contacts, or whatever they call it), their unasked for email marketing (sometimes daily – and MORE!) slips through a loophole in the spam rules. To make things worse, in many cases, LinkedIn itself sends email to remind you that so-and-so just posted a marketing something online – along with other reasons they think I need to click into their domain – that gets more difficult to navigate and less useful with every “improvement.”

        And if you want to close those doors by “unfriending” the worst offenders, it is a long and kludgy process, and seems to change nothing once they have your email. And they DO seem to share, because it keeps increasing. I actually had to open a secret account to be able to find my client & actual friend emails – it’s that bad.

        Meanwhile, although my blog autoposts each of my articles to LinkedIn (over 500), as far as I can tell, I have never gotten more than a single visit or two from only a FEW folks from there (despite attempting to engage with them). I’ve gotten only a few visits from FaceBook, despite a great many “likes” under those autoposts, FYI). So I totally agree with you – I doubt that ANYONE is missing anything by not going to the LinkedIn site.

        Apparently the latest Pinterest changes have made that a no-go as well. It seems to be headed in the click-pharm direction – there was actually a protest boycott last Thursday. So sad when online communities USE their followers to build their sites, then throw them under a bus when they reach a certain point. Or so it seems to me. (and just TRY to reach them with feedback!)
        (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
        – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
        “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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        • I stopped sending blog posts to my LinkedIn connections and Groups because I saw how much spamming was occurring.
          Instead, I just upload them to my page for public viewing if anyone is interested.
          I actually get more clicks through to my blog that way. 😳

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          • When I use the LI icon to share anyone else’s blog post to LI, there is a choice of ‘To Connections’ and/or ‘Public’
            I use Public.
            My blog Publicize LI setting is only for Public as well, so I used to manually upload my posts to the different Groups and to my Connections – Then, when I saw what was heading MY way from others doing the same thing, I left all the groups and stopped sending to my connections.
            My stats show LI readers still coming into my blog to finish reading the Public posts and, in fact, have been increasing 😃

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          • Good luck with it Madelyn – I only use LI, FB, Twitter, Google+, etc, to spread my (and other people’s) blog posts, never to socialise and rarely to communicate or interact with people.
            I prefer to interact with people via blog comments here, or on other people’s blogs 🐵

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