Update on My Amazon Problems

A GREAT RESULT Update from Author Jackie (JL) Phillips

(see my reblog on 17th July)


Life, Love & Strength

Earlier this week I wrote a post about problems I was having with Amazon. Someone had hacked my Amazon account and I was trying to get it back. Along with my regular account, the hacker also had control over my two books that are published on Amazon.

The fight to get my account straightened out and control over my books again had been going for close to a month. I did everything I was supposed to do, I changed my password frequently, to no avail. The hacker still managed to hijack my account. So again, I did what I was supposed to do, I alerted my bank, I wrote an email to Amazon customer service detailing what had happened.


After the first initial contact with customer service, I was then pulled into a vortex of red tape and confusion. I was handed off to one customer service representative after…

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10 thoughts on “Update on My Amazon Problems

  1. Thanks for the update! Lately it seems problems with one app or another are going around–Jetpack widget issues for me. So far the forum and the support people haven’t discovered the problem and my webhost denies it’s them. Not TOO big a deal, just annoying. Once I do get it resolved maybe I’ll post about it if it seems likely to help someone else.

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  2. yes, it was because of you blogging about this situation, gave me the courage and the effort to sort out my own issue with Amazon, over my book. Yes, in the end I keep pushing and it is solved. Two good ending. Yay.

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