What to do when your Book Launch Fails…

An interesting article by Author Jeff Goins, posted by Tim Grahl:

Tim says: Jeff Goins is a good friend of mine, an amazing writer, and has helped thousands of other writers reach their dreams. Last year he came out with a new book and it didn’t exactly go as planned. Traditionally in publishing if the book doesn’t launch big it’s quickly forgotten. But does it have to be the case? Jeff addresses this in today’s article.

I spent over $200,000 on a book launch in hopes of hitting the New York Times best sellers list and failed. Sometimes, the book launch does not go the way you plan.

Maybe you launched without knowing what you were doing. Maybe you wish you could go back and do it all over again. Maybe you—hypothetically speaking—spent money in all the wrong places only to be disappointed by the results.

To read what he did, click on the link or Jeff’s photo below:

What to do when your Book Launch Fails

Jeff Goins


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