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Caroline McIntosh 02My name is Caroline McIntosh and I believe in organ donation.

When I was twelve years old I attended my first Transplant Games in Portsmouth, England. I was not a participant – that was my sister. I watched the Games. I had a blast. It was so much fun supporting my sister and feeling the excitement from my family. My mum had been her kidney donor. It was such an exciting time.

Since then, I have been to the Games in Canada and other ones in the UK. Of course, my sister has been to more and won medals for the sports she’s played.

For me, organ transplant is not depressing just because it reminds us of death. Organ donation and transplant is about celebrating. Celebrating life!

It reminds us how special life is. It reminds us how strong transplant recipients are to go through such an operation and how close to death many of them may find themselves. It is an incredible and fortunate step in our world of medicine that we have the advantage of using in this world.

Caroline McIntosh 05

This, to me is worthy of celebrating and being joyful over.

A couple of years ago, I was inspired to write a book. I wanted to write one that would support people who wait on a transplant list or sit by a Dialysis machine – something my sister never had to use.

I wondered if there’d been anything like my book available when I was younger. I don’t think there was, perhaps I hadn’t looked hard enough but I don’t remember reading any such story. So, I decided to write a book for children close in age to myself and my sister when she had her op.

The story I wrote is not my sister’s story.

It is not a biography. It is fiction.

It is called To The Transplant Games.

Caroline McIntosh 03

I opened it to all kinds of transplants.

The three main characters are young adults and they demonstrate fear of their symptoms, acceptance of their friends and a whole lot more. But, the theme that unites them is the Transplant Games.

They need the Games – they offer hope and a calm in the hurricane of organ donation.

It was important to me to make things different, so, where possible, I put twists on the familiar story that I know.

However, one thing that does remain strong is my belief of a parent loving his child so much that he gives his kidney. That is essential, to me any parent would donate an organ to their child if they could. And, in fiction, well, it happens.

I did research, but I also used the fictional element.

In case you are concerned, there are no gory parts. I understand you offer a family-friendly service. I also realize that medical situations can be different from country to country. I am aware that the United States has recently made some changes to their organ-transplant-policies, which I am not going to discuss now. That is best left to another time. My point is that medicine changes and, I like to think, that all things are possible.

A couple more things about me, I am on a committee to arrange a Transplant Trot in the Durham Region, Canada.

You can find more details on Facebook and my website.

We are planning for this event to be this coming fall.

Goodreads is an excellent place to find more writers and check on the next book to read.

I hang out there, too.

This is becoming too much about me, so, how about I turn things around and challenge you to message me or like my page or tell me what you’re up to, readers?

This book is to help to raise funds for the British Transplant Games, so that they can continue the great work of informing people just how important organ donation is.

Right now, every time TTTG is sold in e-form, ten cents (or pence) will be given to the British Transplant Games, for more information about their work click on this link

The book cover looks like this.


The people are actually holding different drink containers in their hands – one tea and the other a bottle of water, for a reason which does make sense at the end, but if I tell you now that would be a spoiler. What I will say is that they are toasting life.

If you are in Canada and you want to support the Transplant Games, you can in several ways.

The Canadian Transplant Games are happening in Toronto, Ontario this August! Yes. August 8 – 13.

I’d love see you there!

Oh, I look something like this, in-case you’re hoping to find me.

The book is available on:


Barnes and Noble




Please download a digital one and support the British Transplant Games as well.

There are a few extra tidbits of information my Smashwords account.

Giving an organ is one of the most wonderful things anyone can do.

I want to finish with Mitch Albom’s words.

It is because the human spirit knows, deep down, that all lives intersect. That death doesn’t just take someone, it misses someone else, and in the small distance between being taken and being missed lives are changed.” (From The Five People You Meet in Heaven)

Thank you, Mitch Albom. I totally agree.

Chris, thank you for encouraging your guests to write this way. I really enjoyed creating this letter.




13 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Caroline Macintosh…

  1. Very interesting post. I knew nothing of the Transplant Games, so thank you. In deference or reference to Mitch Albom though, death doesn’t miss any one of us. (I hate generalizations, but this one is true, where Albom’s is an attempt at deflecting the ultimate reality.)

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  2. Amazing post, Caroline. I worked as an R.N. on a hemodialysis unit for a bit, and I never met more courageous people than those waiting for a kidney transplant. That they managed to keep their spirits up was astounding. I shared this post as well as a few tweets from @TransplantSport. I wish you great success with your work and your book 🙂

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