Things You Worry About Whilst Reading a Book Series #SundayBlogShare #lovebooks #reader


Things You Worry About Whilst Enjoying a Book Series

  1. The author will get bored and not write the rest of the series. You make it your personal mission to remind the author daily via social media that they have committed and loyal fans who want to see the series finished.
  2. The author becomes unwell mid series and this delays books three and four. As a back up plan you have a box of tinned Chicken Soup, some fluffy slippers and a heartfelt ‘get well soon…but keep writing!’ card ready to be sent out.
  3. You worry the author will kill off a much-loved character. In book series emotional character attachments are stronger and more powerful than in single novels.
  4. Someone around you will let slip what happens in later books in the series. You feel like wearing a sign with the words ‘I don’t want to know what happens in book two!’ 
  5. Your depression – which will start once you…

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