WORDS – Guest Post by Author G. Eric Francis

Good day and salutations!

That is a fancy word, isn’t it?


It makes you sound like you have money or something.  I know a lot of big words.  Sadly it doesn’t match the size of my bank account.

Words can be so many things, can’t they?  They can inspire as well as tear you down.   “You look beautiful today” or “Good lord, did you bathe in your toilet” are examples of the extremes that language can make you feel.

Hell, the wrong word has started wars…or at least fights at the playground.

As I head on the downslope to my 50’s, I continue to use the written word to express how I am feeling at any particular moment.  Being the father of two young men of special needs, words sometimes escape me, which if you knew me is a rare thing indeed.

Take my 10-year-old Noah, who has a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism.  He has a vocabulary of about 40 words or so at this point.  He has the mind of a 5-year-old, and sometimes communicating with him can be somewhat difficult.


Now he has come a long, long way from just a year ago, and believe me, he is smarter than some adults I tolerate.  The big thing (besides the bugaboo that is Autism) that is holding him back I believe is his language.  He gets frustrated when his mother and I have no idea what the hell (can I say hell on this blog, Chris G?) he is is saying.  When he gets frustrated, things get broken and faces get slapped so hard, you think you were knocked into another dimension.

He may be only 4 feet tall, but he is ridiculously strong.

Situations like this, I believe anyway, could be avoided if he had more words at his disposal.  When he is happy, man, he is a joy to be around.  His words have gotten better, and I hope that as he progresses with his language, the “Autism-esque” issues will decrease.

(Forgive the cheap pop, but I am sneaking in link for my family and my boy; as you can see at the end of the video, he is a character):

Any who, words have always been my friend (as well as my enemy; I think the reason I don’t get support from friends on my writing is because my opinions of what goes on in the world makes them nervous…or angry).  While I weigh whether or not my 5th book will be my last (this is a lot of work to be making enough money to buy a pizza…with a coupon), I hope that I catch the fire again to write.  As I continue to find new ways to let the world know about my latest creation (while trying to raise money for great causes), I hope that the words that are still fighting to get out can overcome the disappointment of no one wanting to read them.

G. Eric Francis


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