Believable Science Fiction by J Byran Jones

No Wasted Ink

Futurology, the practice of forecasting technology and society, is akin to the morning weather report. While some of the methodologies can lend a hand in predicting the future, they can be laughably incorrect in hindsight. If you are crafting a believable future or sci-fi version of the world as a fiction writer, some key observations are essential. Notice I say “believable” sci-fi. Sometimes the most accurate vision of the future may not be the most creative space to write for or be fun to read. Our 2016 isn’t riveting compared to some previous imaginings. Instead, writers should construct a solid foundation so readers can immerse into the setting. Sci-fi is based in what-if scenarios, and it’s the writer’s job to answer intelligently. No reader or viewer wants to feel smarter than the author/screenwriters and get pulled out of the experience.

If the entire piece hinges on an unbelievable concept, the…

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