New WordPress Ratings Widget…In case you didn’t know about it…

Many of you have noticed a strange interloper polldaddy link attached to WordPressers who leave comments on your posts.

This is a new Ratings Widget thingy from WordPress.

I do NOT understand a word they’ve written about it, but you can read about it at:


44 thoughts on “New WordPress Ratings Widget…In case you didn’t know about it…

  1. Thanks for this Chris. I’ve had loads of people telling me that there’s a strange link attached to all my comments. At first I thought my blog had been hacked or infected. Then Sue directed me to your post. In turn I have also directed the people who have said “there’s a strange link attached to your comments”, to your post.

    What I can’t understand is that I have not put ticks in the ‘show ratings on’ boxes. I’ve checked my dashboard and those boxes are clear.

    I’ll carry on directing people here who ask about the strange link. Some get quite upset when I tell them that their comments also have the strange link. I wonder if there is anyway in getting of it?

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      • Drat! I was hoping we could get rid of it. I guess I’ll have to carry on telling everyone to read your post about it in the meantime. Yes, I agree, a good tool for some, but not when it leads to a page of code and starts freaking people out because they think it’s a virus. Oh well, I wonder what is next in store for us all from WordPress?

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  2. Scary.. I started trying to learn to code a few weeks ago, but at the rate I’m going they’ll probably have moved on to something else before I got to understand the first thing about it. I still have to move all things around my blog and get onto, so that would be test enough. Thanks, Chris!

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