New WordPress Ratings Widget…In case you didn’t know about it…

Many of you have noticed a strange interloper polldaddy link attached to WordPressers who leave comments on your posts.

This is a new Ratings Widget thingy from WordPress.

I do NOT understand a word they’ve written about it, but you can read about it at:



44 thoughts on “New WordPress Ratings Widget…In case you didn’t know about it…

  1. It’s an addition to the thumbs up/down rating you’ve already got enabled.

    Most of the article describes how to make your own icons for the rating system. The rest tells you how to install it.

    Don’t know how much use it would be on a blog, but for a store or other mercantile site, it could be important, since it would generate that nice little graph you see on Amazon that shows how many of each rating your “product” has received (especially if you use the java script code).

    At least, that’s what I’m getting out of that mess. Still looks like too much headache to use – any time you have to get into the code, and it’s not for something simple, it’s probably too much work for most non-programmers to use on a regular basis. I have enough trouble with tables, so I know it’s not something I’d use. I go cross-eyed trying to sort through the easy stuff when I have to set up a new table-organized page!

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  2. Thank you. I still don’t understand it and don’t have the time to put any more thought into their new rating system. Would rather they leave this polldaddy thing off my blog – it’s confusing as all heck.


  3. Ok, I got so far as they want you to either implement a star rating (known from the evil online shop empire) or a facebook + rating (as you can have thumbs down also – like the emperor in the circus, hence Nero-rating).

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