Zoe and Jasmine Reunited

Zoe and Jasmine Reunited



I am one felicitous feline! I am so excited that, just before I sat at the computer to tell you all about it, I was doing the happy dance! But first, just in case there are folks out there who do not know me, please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Zoe, the Fabulous Feline. I write stories about my adventures in life. I write about Emily sometimes, too. She’s the human I adopted, and she’s tolerable, as humans go. Okay, I will admit it; I do love her. (I have to say that; after all, she does feed me and scratch my neck.)

If you have been following my stories, you know that I have a sister named Jasmine . . . “Jaz” for short. And if you have not been following my stories – well, why haven’t you? Only kidding!

Jaz close up


Jaz and I had lived in a shelter for a short time before the Chosen Ones (Michele and Emily) walked through the door and into our hearts. Of course, we assumed they lived in the same house. I mean, they came in together, they looked around together, and they even looked like each other. We assumed they were sisters, just like us, and thought this was a wonderful opportunity. If we sisters could adopt those sisters, Jaz and I would not be separated.

Sadly, we learned we were mistaken when Michele dropped me and Emily off at one house and they drove away, presumably to Michele’s house. I can still hear Jaz crying as they drove away. (As I explained in an earlier story, Zoe Adopts a Human, Jaz does not like change.)

It has been awhile since Jaz and I saw each other and, despite my adventures with Bella, I missed my sister. So I was beyond excited when I heard Emily talking to Michele on the phone today and telling her that, yes, she would certainly cat-sit for the weekend. I was going to see Jaz!

The next night, Michele brought Jaz to our house. Jaz had been meowing her head off when they first arrived. Michele put the carrier down in the middle of the floor and then just stood there, seeming reluctant to let Jaz out. I decided I would have to handle this situation. I walked right up to the carrier and put my nose to the net. Suddenly, Jaz stopped crying and started rubbing her head against the net from the inside, while I did the same from the outside. We were both purring like crazy.

tumbling Jaz


I guess that was the sign Michele was looking for because finally she unzipped the flap and Jaz came flying out, right at me! I fell backwards, with Jaz on my belly, and then we just tumbled around the floor for a bit. We were so happy to see each other!

tumbling Zoe


Jaz and I had a great night, chasing a ball around the living room floor, having a playful tug-of-war with the long stringy doo-dad on a stick that my human usually teases me with. Then Jaz found my catnip. Oh boy! She got a little crazy, and starting running up and down the long hallway, bouncing off the walls. The only way I could deal with her was to have some catnip too. So I did.

And the only way Emily could deal with two crazy cats on the nip was to have a little nip herself. So she did.

All’s well that ends well.

Zoe (currently residing at Emily’s home HERE)

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