Zoe Adopts a Human

Zoe Adopts a Human

I’ve been telling you, my dear friends and fans, about a few of my adventures over the past couple of months. I’d like to tell you now the story about my adoption and let you in on a little secret.

To those who may not be familiar with me and my earlier prose, my name is Zoe. Emily is my human. The title of this adventure tells the real story, although I allow Emily to think that she adopted me.

I was sitting in my cage at the animal shelter. That’s what you humans call it–a shelter–but we residents call it home. The shelter may not be a “home sweet home” type of residence, but it was comfortable enough. We had a roof over our heads, one square a day, and loads of other felines to play or argue with. What more could any feline ask for? It was frustrating, though, to watch people come and go. Seems they never left empty-handed, but they always left without me.

One day, two women came into the shelter. Michele, accompanied by her mother Emily, was there to adopt a specific feline, who happened to be my sister Jasmine—I called her Jaz. Michele had seen Jaz in one of those posters in the window of some store and fell in love immediately. Jaz was a looker. Actually, she looked just like me; we both have a few well-placed white markings but where I am otherwise shimmering black, Jaz is otherwise silvery-gray. I was happy for Jaz, but also sad that it wasn’t me they were coming for. However, I did note that they had brought two cat carriers in with them, and I started plotting right then and there to be the cat in the other carrier!

As soon as the caretaker opened the door to Jasmine’s cage, Jaz bolted and quickly found a secure hiding place. The caretaker and Michele followed in gentle pursuit, calling her name softly, “Jasmine . . . Jasmine, come on, pretty girl. Come to mama.” I saw Emily roll her eyes as she looked about. She spied moi and came right over. She looked like someone I could fool. She stuck her finger in the cage and, knowing it was now or never, I gave her finger a little lick. “Oh look,” she said to nobody in particular, “she’s giving me kisses, the cute little thing!” And I knew right there, she was mine.

I started rolling around in my cage, reaching my little white-tipped paws out toward her. She starting speaking to me in that little-girl voice, calling me “pretty little girl” and other sappy stuff. I was right. I could own this woman in a heartbeat. I could practically see her heart melting! So I kept rolling around, purring like crazy, and making another noise that she obviously did not recognize. (Did I tell you she seemed a little naive?)

At that point, the caretaker came back with Jaz in her arms and Michele by her side, stroking Jaz’s head. Emily turned away from my cage to talk to them. To make a very long story short, a discussion ensued about Emily taking home a cat, too. Emily was adamantly opposed. She had only come along for the ride. She absolutely did NOT want another pet. Nope, no more pets. “I’m done with pets. I’m too old now to be taking care of an animal.”

It was time to put a stop to this silliness and ensure my place in that second carrier. I reached through the cage and tapped her on her upper arm. I heard “awwwww…she wants me.” Bingo!

Jaz cried the entire drive home; she doesn’t much like change but she’ll adjust. Michele seemed very gentle and loving. Me? I am a feline, but right then I was a pig in a puddle of mud. Happy beyond what purring could convey. I lay quietly in the carrier, eyes closed, enjoying the ride to my forever home.

Oh, I told you I had a secret. About a day or so after I had myself firmly ensconced in Emily’s home and heart, I began to roll around again, vocalizing just like I’d been doing at the shelter that fateful day. Growling that special low growl. Yes, I was in heat. And had been the day I adopted Emily.

photo 11

Zoe (currently residing at Emily’s home HERE)

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