Zoe’s First Day at Her New Home

Zoe’s First Day at Her New Home

Zoe On Top of Desk
Hey Everyone, Zoe here. Figured I’d take advantage of some
me time and tell you of my latest adventure since Emily, my human, is watching a football game. Every now and then I hear her either cheer or curse. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, though. A bunch of over-sized humans throwing a ball around. It bores me.

My last story was all about how I manipulated Emily into adopting me. I did not mention how she changed my name, which is really the backbone of this story. My previous owners were an elderly couple who had named me “Misty.” That was the name on my cage at the shelter. Emily was not impressed. On the ride home, she racked her brain trying to come up with a suitable new name for me. Shania? Chloe? Dakota? Zoe? Zoe! No skin off my teeth. I answer to anything—on the occasions of my choosing, of course. Oh, and always when she shakes the treat bag; then nobody has to call me by name. I do love my treats!

Zoe is a Greek name meaning, or associated with, “life.” My human had no idea just how perfect a name that was for me. She did not ask the shelter caretaker why exactly the elderly couple “could not handle” me (and that’s another whole story!). I thought I’d give her one example right off the bat.

When we got home, my human unzipped the carrier and, keeping her eyes on me, slowly backed away, as if expecting me to attack her. I walked out of that carrier as calm and cool as the proverbial cucumber and went exploring my new home. A calm, cool cat am I.

Zoe ready to pounceA little later, I saw that Emily was busy doing something on the computer. Show time! I came barreling down the long hallway, bouncing off each wall at least twice on my way to where Emily was sitting. She was looking so intently at the screen, she never even noticed that I had jumped up onto the hutch that sat on top of the desk. I am stealth personified. Or would that be stealth felinified?

Without so much as a meow, I jumped onto Emily. Just a lightning-fast hit, using her head as a trampoline. I landed in the hallway I’d just come from. Of course, I could not resist bouncing off the walls again on my way back down the hall. You should have seen her face! I was back in the bedroom, stretched out on her bed before she even knew what hit her. Hilarious! She didn’t think so, but hey! When a cat adopts a human, said cat must immediately demonstrate dominance, right? Right!

I just heard my human give a loud, boisterous cheer. My guess is the game is over and Boston won. I’m still bored.

Zoe (currently residing at Emily’s home HERE)

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