Writing Elbow?

A great article and TWO great links within it that Authors and Bloggers NEED to read 😀

Tribalmystic Stories

I have been finding it difficult to complete some of my stories over the last two weeks. Not for the lack of wanting, but the restrictions I created for myself in damaging my muscles from “over-writing”. You may ask, “over-writing? What is that?” It is similar to tennis elbow.

After coming to a conclusion I could not write any more words because the pain was too much, I saw my physiotherapist today and she told me I left it too late and there was nothing to do except sleep and rest. She made me promise to stay away from the computer for two days. I had the same injury when I actually played tennis over 20 years ago, so I found it amusing. Well, I had to make a post so I’ll be quick and yes, I have taken some pain killers to help.


I found this article about my…

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6 thoughts on “Writing Elbow?

  1. Yep, I have the same condition. I’m a secretary, having to type frantically every day, as well as write. I even had my left elbow operated on a few years back, but didn’t like the thought of the right one being done because I am right handed and your arm is out of action for a few weeks. Fortunately I have the ability to pace myself now, and rest if the condition flares up.

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