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LWMy name’s Leesa Wallace and I come from Essex in England. I am an author of novels and poems, as well as the odd blog here and there.
I love writing. It’s a way to let my strange imagination run wild and also provides an escapism from life. Not that my life is terrible; more that my depressing, pessimistic outlook warps it into something far worse than it is.
I would like to say I write in a genre, as that makes life easier… Sadly though, life is never easy! So I have wound up writing and co-writing everything from a sci-fi romance to a joke book. Nothing like consistency!
My solo books include a poetry book called Dark Woods and a horror book called Squat, which is aimed at young adults. I wrote Dark Woods while I was going through a bad time in my life; my grandmother was dying of lung cancer and heart failure and my mother was experiencing her own health problems, whilst my personal life wasn’t going to plan either. It was a good outlet for my emotions and it helped me deal with the mess in my head at the time.
Squat was inspired by articles on urban exploration and my fascination with derelict and deserted places. The unloved architectural ghosts that are left behind by various sections of society.  Also, when I was a child, I used to travel across to Kent a lot with my parents and regularly saw a derelict Victorian mental hospital on the horizon. It fascinated me as it seemed so imposing and even though it had been closed years, it still carried an air of despair with it. The fact that a building could hold that feeling with it despite being nothing but bricks and mortar always used to capture my imagination. Therefore that inevitably became a big influence in the book too.
The works I’ve co-written are published by Kensington Gore Publishing. The guy behind Kensington Gore, Graeme Parker, (who also designed my book covers), started chatting to me on Twitter a few years back and we had an instant rapport which developed into a close friendship. At the time I wasn’t a writer and had never even considered being one. The last thing I had written was for a re-take of my English GCSE (which I was doing at 21, truancy really does get you nowhere!), but we began bouncing ideas around and getting creative.
This developed and we began writing together. As things started to take form and became actual stories, he began publishing our works on Amazon and Createspace. So publishing, and even writing, kind of came about by accident for me. However, I soon realised it was something I loved and then there was no looking back.

Dark Woods Master large          Squat red MASTER

Aside from my writing, I now run a publishing company called Wallace Publishing. It specialises in helping new and struggling writers and offering affordable services. I also edit and have just started a book review service as well.
I also enjoy drawing and painting. I wouldn’t say I excel at either of them but I find them great a great way to relax. They, along with some meditation, often help me get through the day. I mainly draw landscapes and animals, as I’m a big fan of nature.
When I went to college I studied Performing Arts and this took me into backstage theatre work. When I finished studying I worked backstage at a theatre for a time, doing lighting, sound and other technical theatre duties. I still really love this environment, so any chance I get to see a show or work backstage and I’m there.

That is pretty much all there is to know about me, unless you count the endless hours I spend sitting in cafes with my head buried in a book or flicking through social media!

You can find me at the following places:
Wallace PublishingBlogGoodreads


Author PageWallace Publishing Page




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