How to write sound – putting an accent on the page

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AccentsThe way we use language differs depending on whether we are speaking it or writing it and that difference has to come across on the page. But what about how it sounds?

There is a tendency to think that only other people have accents while we just speak normally.

The truth is we all speak in a way that reflects where we come from and our experiences, but only some character are subject to the indignities of dropped letters and other visual tricks.

Here’s an example of it done very, very badly. So badly it makes you want to wince.

 “Ello, Miss,” he said, politely touching his forehead with a finger in a kind of salute. “It’s a right ‘onor. ‘Course, my old mum an’ I, we seen all yer pictures. She’s a great fan ‘o yers, is me mum.”

 It can be done well. Here’s a short snatch of…

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