HOW TO Reinstate Headers & Background Colours on #WordPress #Blogs…

WordPress latest upgrade is probably for security reasons, but like all software updates, every small change in code ALWAYS affect existing code elsewhwere in the programme.

The following should help you restore your headers:

Each Theme has it’s own particular Header size restrictions:

Go into your WP ADMIN


Check or resize your header is compliant to the WP recommended size.


NOTE: This may rquire repeating several times but please allow 10 minutes or so between repeats – it WILL eventually appear.

Each Theme has it’s own particular Colour Schemes:

Go into your WP ADMIN


Find a colour scheme you like by clicking on those available and seeing it on the preview.

NOTE: I think only those marked FEATURED may be Free, all the others may be PREMIUM.

WordPress SHOULD notify you beside the SAVE and PUBLISH Button at the top of the options.

This may not restore your original Background, but WP are working on this issue.

Hope this helps, but please be reminded that I am only an Ape, NOT a WordPress Expert 😀

26 thoughts on “HOW TO Reinstate Headers & Background Colours on #WordPress #Blogs…

  1. I had that happen to me yesterday. When things go wrong for a bunch of people, the best thing to do is wait it out, as tech support is presumably working on it.

    I didn’t follow my own advice this time, though 😀 Instead, I tried to fix it as you suggest, but it wouldn’t take, so I gave up after a couple of tries. I tried again half a day later, when someone said it had been fixed for them. This time, it worked just fine. I suspect it had more to do with WP ironing out the bugs than my technical prowess, though 🙂

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  2. Hi again Chris, I managed to get my header photo and background colour back (well, almost the same) by going into ‘customize’ and when you get the ‘pay to upgrade’ option next to is the ‘exit the preview’ option too, or something like that. I clicked on the ‘exit’ option and that enabled me to then customise as I had it before I still can’t seem to change the colour of my font for my blog’s title though, it used to be dark blue, not black. Thanks for the help!

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