7 Tips to Avoid Email Phishing

Great Advice 😀

hacking‘Phishing’ is an attempt to steal your personal information by posing as a trusted source (a friend, your bank–like that). Kaspersky reports that spam accounted for 66% of email last year. Of that number, phishing tripled. Why? Because it works. This is not to be taken lightly. Best case, it can shut your email down while you clear the problem. Worst case, you can lose your identity, your income, and your peace of mind. Here are some hints:

  • don’t blindly trust your virus protection. It can only keep you safe from known problems. Softpedia reports that new malware designed to infect Android devices appears every 17 seconds. I wonder how many there are for iPhones, Windows-based devices, Macs?
  • don’t open attachments to unexpected emails–especially from strangers. Every attachment has the potential to include malware or Trojans that silently burrow into your computer’s data and send it back to its…

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14 thoughts on “7 Tips to Avoid Email Phishing

  1. These are email addresses to report spam phishing. Some of these (like the banks) I don’t even have accounts at! But I always report them. If you Google the name of the company being mentioned and “phish email,” you’ll usually come up with a reporting email address quite easily:

    spoof@paypal.com, reportphish@wellsfargo.com, aol_phish@abuse.aol.com, abuse@chase.com

    PayPal, in particular, is very attentive to phishing emails. I’ve even asked a question (“Is this real?”) when forwarding emails and they’ve answered me promptly.

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    • Thanks for that information Susan 👍
      I’ve always contacted PayPal when I’ve received emails supposedly from them, just in case; and they’ve quickly responded every time to confirm or advise 😃



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