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LinzeBrandon Author PhotoI suppose I am a typical indie author. I was born and raised in rural South Africa with no intention of ever writing a book. I read a lot. And I mean a LOT. I remember high school, ninth grade – it was the last year that I had to take history as a subject – I hated history.

BTThe school holiday before my final history exam, my brother and I were shipped off to my grandparents where I found my Gran’s “secret” book stash. If I recall there were about forty or fifty of them. Afrikaans romance novels. Now you have to understand, by this time in life, the only Afrikaans books I read, were those prescribed at school and my Bible. I would read anything and everything I could get my hands on, as long as it was in English.

DCMSThis was way before kindles and e-books, so I had to read the physical books which I would get at the library or book shops. By the way, my entire family were members of the library, I was the only one that used the cards – all twelve of them, every two weeks!

GGBut, I digress. While I had to study for my history exam, and I really did, I also read all of my Gran’s books. They were easy reading, and I could finish between one and two each day without effort.

Their+1The result of my history exam? I got 98%, the highest I had ever gotten for history.

You can trust me when I say, I seldom got any flack from my parents about my reading habits, but after that history exam, I never got any ever again 🙂

HungerBy the time I left school I knew I wanted to be an engineer. I went on to become a specialist in two fields: electromagnetic compatibility and intrinsic safety. I finished my Masters degree in Engineering Management and started my own consulting business.

PDBaRThen I started writing. Why? I have been asked this question so many times, and up to now I couldn’t really explain it. It hit me one day, very recently to be honest. I loved being self-employed and as a result was more relaxed and in control of my time. I also started painting and embroidering again. Why not expand my creative needs into books?

I started writing in 2001 and have not stopped since. You might say I am addicted.

PerfectSince then I had to close the business, and am now employed in the military industry as a project manager.

I am still writing. Still drawing and painting when the mood strikes me, yet prefer to do cross stitch only during the winter.

TCHI believe balance is the key. My job is stressful, but I have learned very early on in my working life to leave the job behind when I go home everyday. Sure there are times when it is more difficult, but having these creative outlets awaiting me at home, makes it easier to let go.

TDKSMy husband is also an engineer and does photography as a serious hobby, so he understands when I tell him that
NaNoWriMo is on hand and social time for me will be limited to weekends, if my word count is on target.

With my third novel about 70% completed, and two erotica bundles approximately halfway, I don’t think I will ever stop writing. Then again my living room walls have a lot of space left for paintings and the cross stitch leopard on my to do list.

RG Storm v1 Storm v2

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6 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Linzé Brandon

  1. You are one busy lady, Linze. Good for you that you can separate yourself from the stress of the job and find an outlet in your hobbies and writing. Best wishes for success in all. Nice to meet you.



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