Oh, the Mistakes We’ve Seen!

Kobo Writing Life

By BlueInk Review

In our mission at BlueInk Review to review self-published books, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. While it’s difficult to explain how to create stellar prose – as there’s always a touch of genius involved in the best literature – there’s no secret about where writers go wrong. As our reviews show, authors tend to commit the same writing crimes, book after book.

Below, we have compiled excerpts from the more than 2,000 reviews we’ve done, each of which expose common writing blunders. So what makes the bad review rear its dreaded, beastly head? Here are five traps you should avoid at all costs:

1. Writing rife with spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors

The fact that this is at the top of the list is both discouraging and heartening: discouraging because, let’s face it writers, a book should be free of all spelling…

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7 thoughts on “Oh, the Mistakes We’ve Seen!

  1. I’ll just get my coat… Is that really what people think of self published books? Or are we all being tarred with one brush and stereotyped? I read quite a lot of Indi pubbed books, and not one of them falls into any of those categories. Whilst I’m sure there are those that do, perhaps articles like this are damaging to the rest which dont, because it does imply to the general public at large that us Indies are crap…


    • Take your coat off and have a sip of something calming Ali. 🙂
      It’s a sad fact that there ARE people publishing books without first checking them through or having them checked through.
      I read a book a while back, by an author who is putting himself about quite aggressively and forming his own Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Groups to urge people to buy his books – one of which is about how important editing is (and to use HIS editing Services) – it is RIFE with spelling, grammatical and continuity errors – and has obviously NOT been properly (if at all) edited and corrected prior to publishing.
      Authors, like yourself, who DO go to great lengths to make your books the best they can be, are sadly struggling against a tide of gibberish from people like him.
      It may seem like I will promote ANY author on my blog, but believe me I DON’T and HE is one of the authors I’ve declined to promote.
      I check authors out, check their writings, blogs, websites, reviewed books and when I can, I read their books myself.
      Every author I have on my blog is one I can recommend without hesitation.
      I want every author to have the best chance possible to have people buy, read and enjoy their stories.
      That’s why I reblogged this particular article, it is stating facts that every author needs to know and ensure THEY are not making those mistakes as well, not through laziness or silliness, but by being so eager to jump onto a speeding bandwagon that they forget all about putting on their safety belts (proof-reading, editing, correcting, etc) 🙂



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